Common Problems Faced by Parkinson's Patients

Here are some problems commonly experienced by Parkinson's patients.

Loss of Motor Movement

Loss of Motor Movement

Parkinson's often affects one's limbs, resulting in slowed or loss of Motor Movement in arms, legs, or both.

Uncontrollable Shaking & Tremors

Patients with Parkinson's disease often encounter muscle spasms or sudden involuntary muscle movements that obstruct daily life, which make physiotherapy treatment important.

Loss of Balance and Posture

Parkinson's often causes one to develop stooped postures and lose their sense of balance. This leads to a higher risk of falls and other complications.

Parkinson's Disease Physiotherapy should start as soon as possible.

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How Can We Help Through Physiotherapy For Parkinson's Disease?

Currently, there is no cure for Parkinson's disease but at Heal From Home, our physiotherapists can provide personalised rehabilitative Parkinson's Disease physiotherapy; a key component in managing Parkinson's, to help one restore functional abilities, all from the comfort of your own home.

Curated Parkinson's Disease Physiotherapy Exercises


Depending on one's condition, a curated blend of Neuroprotection, Transition Care, and Motor-Cognitive Dual-Task Training Exercises can be prescribed. These Parkinson's physiotherapy exercises help to build one's strength, balance, functional practice & endurance.

Worried that the prescribed Parkinson's disease physiotherapy exercises will be hard?

Fret not, our Physiotherapists will coach you, every step of the way.

Movement Strategy Physiotherapy

Movement Therapy - Using cueing & conditioning to help with walking and daily activities

Our Physiotherapists can perform Movement Therapy, a Parkinson's disease physiotherapy technique that conditions and helps patients with walking and daily activities.

These Parkinson physiotherapy techniques can involve using LSVT Big & Loud treatment and internal/external cueing, such as conditioning visual focus points and auditory rhythms, to improve walking steps, gait, and performing daily activities.

Movement Therapy can help patients with walking and daily activities

Home-Based Sessions

Stay Safe at Home. No need to take leave or make transport arrangements.

Staying at home during this Covid-19 climate is important. Plus, there are many things a caregiver needs to do when caring for someone with Parkinson's disease. . Our Home-Based Physiotherapy Sessions help deliver the support when needed.

Stay safe, rest at home, and let us come to you instead.

Professional, Multilingual Physiotherapists


Our Parkinson's Disease Physiotherapy is provided by physiotherapists fully accredited by the Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC), who are also proficient in English, Mandarin, and Various Dialects.

Overcome Communication Barriers in Parkinson's Physiotherapy

Ready to get started with Physiotherapy for Parkinson's Disease?

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Why Us?

Here's a couple of reasons why. Starting from the basics.

Certified Physiotherapists

All our physiotherapists are fully accredited with the Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC); a professional board under Singapore's Ministry of Health.

Home Based Convenience

Why travel if you are already in pain? With our home based physiotherapy sessions, if you can work from home, you can heal from home too :)

Fair, Transparent Pricing

We aim to help as many people as possible. Pay a fair, affordable price of between $150-$200 per session, and just enough for the number of physiotherapy sessions you need.

Your Recovery is Our First Priority

Personalised Recovery Plan

Maximise the return on every bit of recovery effort

Leave behind those one-size-fits-all solutions.

Our individualised physiotherapy treatment plans are tailored to your needs & pains. They are engineered to maximise the return on every minute spent for your recovery.

Furthermore, your physiotherapy treatment plan is frequently reviewed and recalibrated to your current body needs.

Ongoing Support

We are with you, every step of the way.

Not sure if you are doing your prescribed exercise correctly?

Fret not, you can always check in with your physiotherapist to head any issues off at an early stage.

Clear Accountability

Get Certified Physio Reports at milestones or on request

We are absolutely confident with the physiotherapy treatment plans that we craft for you.

For the curious minds, we will provide certified reports by your Physiotherapist that provides more insights about your pain & treatment.

Our Process

Here's what you can expect after you sign up with us.


Get your Free Tele Consult

Speak to our professional physiotherapists about your pain. This will help us to understand your needs better, and is the first step of your recovery plan.


Co-creating your Treatment Plan

Post onboarding, our physiotherapists will perform a series of physical tests with you to isolate the source(s) of pain and treat accordingly.


Execute the plan & Get Better

Have physiotherapy treatment sessions in the comfort of your home, carry out the exercise prescriptions after each session, and get better!

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Your health is very important to us.

Regardless of where you intend to seek physiotherapy treatment, if you are experiencing any pain / discomfort, we encourage patients to get a consultation with our physiotherapists as soon as possible.