Are you experiencing these?

Here are some common symptoms for conditions related to lower back pain. Fret not, these can be managed with lower back pain physiotherapy

Back pain

Back Pain, Cramps, & Spasms

Do you have a sharp or dull aching pain in your lower back? Is the pain sometimes accompanied by muscle cramps or spasms? Physiotherapy for lower back pain can both provide short term relief and long term solutions.

Stiffness & Reduced Range of Movement

Are you experiencing tightness or stiffness in your lower back and lower limbs? Is this worse when waking up, walking or changing positions (eg, sitting to standing position)?

Numbness or Tingling sensation

Are you experiencing numbness or altered sensation down the affected lower limbs or foot? This can be a mixture of pain and numbness along the same region down the lower limbs.

Do you have these symptoms? Physiotherapy for Lower Back Pain can help.

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How can we help?

Our physiotherapists can provide personalised Lower Back Physiotherapy to manage the pain; all from the comfort of your own home.

Manual Techniques for Pain Relief


Our Physiotherapists can perform some Manual Techniques, such as joint mobilisation and soft tissue releases, for you.

These manual physiotherapy techniques involves various different massage techniques to loosen and release tension in your back and lower limb muscles also targeting different segments of your spine to release stiffness for better movement and reducing pain.

If you are in pain, these lower back pain physiotherapy techniques can bring you short term relief.

Stronger Core, Better Support

Progressive core conditioning physiotherapy for lower back pain exercises

A series of core strengthening exercises with progressive difficulty will help to condition core to support trunk. This also will reduce overloading or excessive stress on your back and spine.

Worried that the prescribed lower back pain physiotherapy exercises might be hard?

Fret not, our Physiotherapists will coach you, every step of the way.

Greater Flexibility, Greater Mobility

Stretches and Mobility movements

With prescribed lower back physiotherapy treatment involving static & dynamic stretches, we can improve flexibility & help restore range of motion in your muscles and joints. Furthermore, these stretches can also reduce soreness and prevent future injuries.

Furthermore, these stretches can also reduce soreness and prevent future injuries.

Stretches help to restore range of motion & reduce muscle soreness.

Better alignment, Better life

Postural Correction exercises

Having good posture in varies positions enables muscle equilibrium and balance, encourage strength and flexibility developments. Proper posture also reduces stress on muscles and ligaments reducing imbalances and injury.

Proper posture also reduces stress on muscles and ligaments reducing imbalances and injury.

A proper posture helps prevent the pain from coming back

Prevention of reccuring pain

Adaption back to sports and activities without pain

At Heal From Home, we don't just aim to help you recover from the current episode of lower back pain. The back pain physiotherapy routines tailored by our physiotherapists helps prevent future reocurrances too!

It is not enough just to treat it once, we will help you prevent the lower back pain from returning too

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What happens if I leave the pain untreated?

We strongly recommend seeking physiotherapy for lower back pain at the earliest stage possible. Treatment can be exponentially harder when the pain snowballs.

Stubborn Long Term Residual Pain

Ignoring the pain and not seeking physiotherapy for lower back pain can lead to the onset of a stubborn, long term residual pain.

Pain in other parts of the body

As you try to shift the strength exertion to other body parts to avoid the lower back pain, the overcompensation can lead to pains developing elsewhere too.

Increasingly Limited Range of Motion

Left untreated, the lower back pains can continue to cause your range of motion to decrease even further.

Do not delay your treatment further. Start your Lower Back Pain Physiotherapy Treatment Now!

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Why Us?

Here's a couple of reasons why. Starting from the basics.

Certified Physiotherapists

All our physiotherapists are fully accredited with the Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC); a professional board under Singapore's Ministry of Health.

Home Based Convenience

Why travel if you are already in pain? With our home based physiotherapy sessions, if you can work from home, you can heal from home too :)

Fair, Transparent Pricing

We aim to help as many people as possible. Pay a fair, affordable price of between $150-$200 per session, and just enough for the number of physiotherapy sessions you need.

Your Recovery is Our First Priority

Personalised Recovery Plan

Maximise the return on every bit of recovery effort

Leave behind those one-size-fits-all solutions.

Our individualised physiotherapy treatment plans are tailored to your needs & pains. They are engineered to maximise the return on every minute spent for your recovery.

Furthermore, your physiotherapy treatment plan is frequently reviewed and recalibrated to your current body needs.

Ongoing Support

We are with you, every step of the way.

Not sure if you are doing your prescribed exercise correctly?

Fret not, you can always check in with your physiotherapist to head any issues off at an early stage.

Clear Accountability

Get Certified Physio Reports at milestones or on request

We are absolutely confident with the physiotherapy treatment plans that we craft for you.

For the curious minds, we will provide certified reports by your Physiotherapist that provides more insights about your pain & treatment.

Our Process

Here's what you can expect after you sign up with us.


Get your Free Tele Consult

Speak to our professional physiotherapists about your pain. This will help us to understand your needs better, and is the first step of your recovery plan.


Co-creating your Treatment Plan

Post onboarding, our physiotherapists will perform a series of physical tests with you to isolate the source(s) of pain and treat accordingly.


Execute the plan & Get Better

Have physiotherapy treatment sessions in the comfort of your home, carry out the exercise prescriptions after each session, and get better!

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Your health is very important to us.

Regardless of where you intend to seek physiotherapy treatment, if you are experiencing any pain / discomfort, we encourage patients to get a consultation with our physiotherapists as soon as possible.